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Wilofa Sonderteilebeschichtung   Wilofa Nagelpflege   Wilofa Dentalprodukte   Willi Lohmann Wilofa Unternehmen
Wilofa Sonderteilebeschichtung
Welcome to the WILOFA DIAMANT Willi Lohmann GmbH & Co. limited - for more than 50 years your partner for sapphire and diamond coatings! Our varied product range is found in the following areas, just to name a few:
  • Special coating for industrial applications (e.g., in mechanical engineering, manicure & pedicure,  work on ceramics, glass and plastics, medical technology, jewelery industry, printing industry) We offer solutions to different problems in the areas of gripping, holding, grinding, setting, removal, rounding off bristles, pipe clamping, etc. 
  • Production of diamond-coated dental instruments (FG diamond instruments, HP diamond instruments, diamond discs, etc.)
  • Production of sapphire nail files

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