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Use WILOFA Superflex-diamond discs. These high-quality diamond discs make work in the dental lab easier.
    WILOFA diamond discs are suitable:
  • for work with approximal separation of fuse-on ceramic
  • for work with silicate-ceramic, oxide-ceramic and zirconium oxide ceramics
  • for separation of cast channels
  • for separation of plaster remains
    WILOFA diamond discs
  • are available coated on either one or both sides
  • have diamond coated edges
  • are available in a range of grades of flexibility
  • are also available with view slits
  • fit perfectly on the H-shaft

WILOFA ® diamond discs create the "zircon test"

The shaping of layered fuse-on ceramics like VITA VM9 on oxide ceramic frameworks or on VMK crowns and VMK bridges is one of the jobs of finely coated, flexible diamond discs. But careful: Poorly coated disc edges wear out fast and can cause  overheating with black staining on the once-fired work piece and can also cause micro-fissures in the ceramic structure.

This results later in surface fractures. Experienced dental technicians are not willing to take this risk because the surface quality of the fuse-on ceramic is crucial to clinical durability.

WILOFA has therefore developed the "zircon-proof lab disc" especially for work with fuse-on ceramic. The cutting edge has a wear-resistant diamond coating firmly embedded in a nickel layer. Black staining with "skid marks" are a thing of the past. The disc stands up to even the hardest hard-sintered zircon-oxide ceramics. Take the test like other ceramic specialists!

WILOFA diamond discs have a thick diamond coating on the cutting edge, preventing premature wear.

Elastic in every direction: WILOFA diamond discs

WILOFA Flexicut diamond discs are the result of ambitious research and practical testing. A special tempering process gave our rustproof steel robustness, flexibility and resilience. The cutting edge has a thick diamond coating which prevents premature wear.

Separates ceramics
without surface discoloration.