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For dental lab work, nothing beats the quality of WILOFA diamond instruments. Profit from our experience and work with precise tools.

For ceramics:
  • for shaping of fuse-on ceramic
  • for separation after rough fuse-on
  • for drilling of oxide-ceramic frameworks
  • for touching up the fissures in ceramic occlusal parts
  • for precise drilling of silicate-ceramics,  inlays, veneers, partial crowns and crowns
For alloys:
Diamond instruments with 80-120 micron grit for
  • profile/form corrections on fixation parts of chrome cobalt prostheses
  • profile/form drilling of casting parts of nobel cast

Special care during the finishing process
of ceramic frameworks and facings with WILOFA®  Technica Diamond Instruments

WILOFA® Technica Diamond Instruments have proved very worthwhile in the finishing process of ceramic materials, in edgework of sintered, full-ceramic crowns and bridges, in the shaping of connectors, in the removal of edge reinforcements and surface disturbances, in working with fuse-on ceramic on PFD or full ceramics - in fine-grit quality for polishing surfaces.

A special coating with hard diamond grit gives our instruments their high grinding power, especially on sintered-oxide ceramics (aluminum-oxide, zirconium-oxide) and fluorapatit fuse-on ceramic.  Only minimum manual power is required, thus avoiding micro-fissures in the ceramic structure. 

  WILOFA® Technica Diamonds  bring facings into form.

Technica Diamond Instruments
" Ceramic steel " requires special grinders
Blockbuster: WILOFA® Technica Diamonds for oxide-ceramics

Cercon, Cerec YZ, DC zircon, Digizon, Everest ZH/ZS, lava, VITA YZ - all systems offer full-ceramic materials for crown caps and bridge frameworks made out of zirconium-oxide (ZrO2) with more than 1000 megapascal final firmness. Known as "ceramic steel" with 10 metric tons of loading capacity per cm², they are nevertheless a challenge for the dental technician. Fine, corrective grinding of inner-lumens of crowns and connectors, while paying attention to the model - this requires high-performance diamond grinders in the spray-cooled laboratory turbine which prevent overheating and micro-fissures from permanently damaging the ceramic framework. And yet, quick ceramic removal with minimal manual power is possible.

WILOFA® Technica Diamonds dispose of a special coating with hard diamond grit especially applicable for work on zirconium-oxide and aluminum-oxide ceramic frameworks, also in the final-sintered state. To avoid overheating we recommend "wet grinding" with this special grit coating, which has been developed especially for the finishing process.

WILOFA® Technica Diamonds are also suitable for materials like precious metals, non-precious alloys, chrome cobalt and PVC, model materials.

If you would like to find out more about our diamond instruments, don't hesitate to call us. We would be glad to answer any questions.