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Wilofa Nagelpflege
Wilofa_Nagelpflege Hands manicured with Wilofa nail files really make an impression!

For more than 40 years WILOFA DIAMANT has produced superb sapphire nail files. WILOFA pays consistent attention to the quality of our nail files. Take advantage of our know-how and discover how sapphire nail files are an important part of quality nail care, shaping perfectly while being gentle to the nail.
WILOFA nail care products are many-faceted. They can be used in the professional world as well as at home. Don't miss the opportunity to present yourself to your customers in a pleasant and long-lasting manner.

WILOFA offers a large range of sapphire-file blades and makes combining easy: For every nail file there is the suitable handle. In a variety of colours.

You're not sure which colour, shape or length is right for you? Make use of the WILOFA-File-Configurator to get an idea of what your finished product could look like. The Configurator allows you to mix and match handles and file blades to find just the file to meet your requirements. For further information please feel to call us.

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