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Wilofa Unternehmen
For more than 50 years, WILOFA DIAMANT Willi Lohmann GmbH, with headquarters in Fachbach, Germany, has made a name for itself around the world as a quality producer of diamond-coated dental instruments, sapphire-coated nail files and special coatings. (Our company is certified by the German Institute for Standardization EN ISO 9001:2008 and German Institute for Standardization EN ISO 13485:2012).
As the producer with the most experience in the production of sapphire-coated nail files in Europe, WILOFA has gathered the know-how to offer the consumer a product of high quality and lasting value. This is why Wilofa Nail files are appreciated by many customers all over the world. Sapphire nail files are made of special spring-steel and coated with different sizes of sapphire grit. The robust sapphire grit ensures the nail file's long-lasting abrasivity.

One of the remarkable features of the diamond instruments from WILOFA for dentists and dental labs is their long lasting stability. Due to a special electro-erosive treatment, high cutting energy can be achieved, thus resulting in non-stressful treatment for the patient. Our products are sold by reputable partners from around the world.   

Together with our customers we have developed numerous applications for diamond and sapphire coatings, such as:

Here, customer-specific tools are galvanically coated with diamond or sapphire grit of different sizes and shapes, depending on the intended use.

Certificate ISO EN 13485:2012
Certificate ISO EN 9001:2008
Certificate guideline 93 / 42 / European Economic Community attachment II