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Wilofa Sonderteilebeschichtung
WILOFA DIAMANT - Expert ins special coatings

Electro plating/ diamond coating can be applied to the following base materials: Steel, aluminium and brass. 

The instrument/tool to be coated is first connected to an electrical contact. Areas to be coated are determined, then the surfaces which are not to be coated are covered by a protective coating, such as lacquer, tape or customized devices. Following, the coating process can be started. The first step consists of a mechanical cleaning followed by a galvanic pre-treatment. This is the pre-requisite for optimal hold of the diamond-nickel-layer to the base material.

Next the object is positioned in a customized device and diamond grit is applied. Then current is applied according to a pre-calculated plating velocity. The nickel then starts to embed diamond grit in the required nickel matrix. Size and shape of diamond grit as well as depth of coating strongly depend on the indicated application.